RELATED GARMENTS || RLTD | Parental Advisory Explicit Content

IMG_7747In the age where IMAGE is what almost matters most, but still second to smarts; you get critiqued on everything. Us men once received a pass on a lot of things women had, and still have to excel at. Things as simple as a matching bra, and panties which I do find simple to do, but I know it’s costly. I’ve ventured into Victoria’s Secret before, and it isn’t the cheapest line of undergarments out there, but then again who wants cheap anything? We want the finest made underwear, socks, t-shirts, and so on. Today, two brothers have conjured up an idea I only wish I would have thought of. Why? It’s such a simple and genius concept for men and women, but today we’re focusing on the boys. Fella’s what’s more exciting, and convenient; if I must say than matching underwear and socks?RLTD I mean this is perfect because if you’re underwear isn’t plain white or black, that mix matching of underwear could become an embarrassment if you needed to disrobe at an unexpected time. With RLTD Garments, that is no longer or should no longer be a worry of yours nor mine to be honest. One may be thinking yeah it looks great, but I do not want to always purchase socks to match my underwear. Well my pessimistic friend you don’t have to do anything separately, because each package of RLTD Garments automatically comes with a pair of briefs and the matching socks. Hassle, poof be gone! Now not only does this improve your underwear drawer, they also feel amazing, and I would not lie to you about this guys. Brothers Mike and David Appel, really sought out some of the finest fabrics one could find, because they really almost feel like nothing is there. Sure that’s what every brand wants you to think, but no RLTD really achieved it.  I thought this was the coolest concept to present itself to me in a while, and I stand by that, especially since the brand offers different colors. RELATED Garments aka RLTD is still trying to build their brand today, and you can be apart of that by donating to their Kickstarter here, their goal is only 20k and they’re less than $3000 away from meeting it, you can also purchase their garments now if you like by clicking here