A Clark Edition: Day 2

IMG_1849If you’ve been following this collaboration you know by now that I had a hard turn deciding between the two shoes, and today I present you with shoe #2. Hopefully you can see why I had a hard time deciding. For me at least I wanted to pick total opposites so I could showcase another side of me that people don’t see too often through the lenses of my many camera devices. I went with a Clark classic with a twist, they recently revamped their Desert Boot.IMG_1113-1 This time around its way more athletic than before and in my humble opinion looks way better. It’s like the sleeker cousin of the two. It also has a new feature that stands out almost instantly when first looking at the shoe, and quite frankly it still stands out, and I’ve looked at them probably more than 20 times. I’m speaking of this speckled lightweight cleared sole. When walking it sort of makes you feel like you’re walking on air, but then again it also has this sponge like feel to it, almost a bounce if you will. This shoe lets you hangout and be playful, I know this because I took this shoe through a Brooklyn obstacle course. From the rocky roads of NYC to the shores of La Push aka Williamsburg Waterfront.IMG_1848 It was the first time in a while I didn’t mind walking through the sand. Isn’t that what desert boots are made for? When I was in my room going through piles and piles of clothing I really wanted to do something fun like I mentioned earlier, and what’s more fun than overalls. What I didn’t want, was to just wear the overalls how they’re technically suppose to be worn. I wanted to be more edgy and carefree and just have the top half lay down. While the upper half was supported by a thermal sweater, because yes even though it’s spring it hasn’t actually sprung here in the city. With this look I relived a little bit of who I use to be. This carefree guy who had no worries except going to class, which is what I felt like on this day, except I ditched all my classes. Literally turned New York into my urban jungle gym. When was the last time I jumped on a fence? I can’t even remember, perhaps college perhaps; and if not college then high school, and that was so long ago. I say that to say this, if you’re like me it never hurts to take a day off and explore the side of you that people don’t see too often. I have a range of shoes in my room, and I’m extremely please to have these Desert Clark Aerial Boots, so pleased I put them back in their box until I find enough space. Shop here http://www.clarksusa.com/us/c/originals-mens-boots to find your inner youth today.