Marc By Marc Jacobs Closing?


Marc By Marc Jacobs || Not Marc Jacobs || Please do not be confused by the GIF

My life is in shambles. The fashion community is in a frenzy with all major outlets reporting on the rumors of Marc By Marc Jacobs closing. Here’s what just happened to me today at 3:49pm I called the men’s store on Bleecker street as I contemplated for about an hour before on whether or not I should run downtown and purchase this particular bag before they sell out, and you know my mind said call before you go. Ring Ring !! Sarah answers the phone and explains to me that the bag has sold out, and they will be returning with a different price point; which means inflation is on the rise with that bag. What is a guy to do? Marc By Marc is literally one of my favorite brands. It caters to my needs and doesn’t completely wipe out my account. What’s going on you say? No one exactly knows except the fact that Marc By Marc Jacobs will be combined with Marc Jacobs, that doesn’t really say much to the consumers who love this sister/brother brand. Although the men’s side of Marc By Marc Jacobs was a small offering as with the Marc Jacobs line it still offered a sense of buying into the brand. Now what’s a boy to do?