The Laundry Man

tumblr_mkd2pdX0CP1s9wnnjo1_500It’s no myth that most men hate doing laundry, and will avoid it at all cost once they enter into a relationship and have a lovely lady to take care of it for them. What is it about laundry that men, and even boys hate? Is it the labor or is it the time that it takes away from you. I’ve lived quite a few different lives meaning all my life I had a washer and dryer in my apartment, that was until I moved to New York City, and found that having those two objects in your apartment is considered a luxury, and not the norm. I swear moving to New York City without a trust fund, amazing paying job, or just hitting rich will definitely have you reminiscing on what your life use to be, unless this is better than what you’ve had before. As I was saying what is it about men, and laundry?IMG_1313 Do we consider them chores? Shall I speak for myself here? I actually love washing, of course I loved it a whole lot more when I didn’t have to walk to a laundromat with my laundry, and then pay to wash at that laundromat. When I first moved here, I was obviously unfamiliar with the area so I would end up walking way down the road and one street over, which meant I was sitting there until my laundry finished; until I was told that there was one literally 50 steps or less away from my house. Perhaps that’s the issue, the waiting game you have to play. I don’t have that same problem anymore. I’m on a face to face relationship with the place I wash my laundry at now, and it’s so close to my place that I can actually walk back in my apartment, and come back. This particular place doesn’t have any real seating either so it’s definitely better to just leave and come back. That’s my New York dilemma; my Florida life was way different I didn’t have to leave my house for any reason except if I were out of bleach, washing powder, and so on. This is why I had no problem doing laundry. I could throw whatever I needed in the washer, and walk right back to the living room or my room. I could fall asleep, leave and come back later. Basically anything I wanted to do because my clothing was safe in my place. I was able to go back to watching my movie or whatever I was doing during the time of wash on, wash off. I think I’ve come across some products that will make you want to wash your clothing. You may even take that half empty basket/hamper and run to the laundromat or whenever your appliances are at in your house. Famed fragrance company Le Labo has teamed up with The LAUNDRESS to create gentle detergents. Today I present you with their Whites & Darks Fabrics Care Set, Le Labo’s Santal 33 Signature Detergent, and their Denim Care Set. You ready Bey? Ladies, so the next time you encounter a guy who is opposed to doing laundry, purchase these special products, and watch him favor the process more than you.