ÉCOLE; A new shopping experience for Men.

IMG_0894 ÉCOLE, a new men’s ecommerce concept focused on premium foundational menswear has launched. The site is specifically tailored to offer an immersive shopping experience to the new generation of stylistically-inclined, tech-savvy fast-moving male shoppers. I attended ÉCOLE’s Studio Pop-up Shop event about a week, and a half ago braving the ever so nasty weather that was taking NYC, and the surrounding areas by storm. When I first entered the room I walked right into a crowded affair. Drinks, and h’orderves were being served as the DJ did her job! When I finally got close enough to the screens to examine the product, and what ÉCOLE was all about I immediately thought of the movie CLUELESS.

Here’s why! At the pop-up event there were two touch-screens on the wall that were there to give the invitees the experience of what this idea, and brand would be all about. Not only that, but merchandise was able to be shopped that night. Okay, back to what I was saying about Clueless. Remember in the movie how Cher was picking out her outfit on her computer, and it was telling her what did, and didn’t match. This concept has almost all the same idea going on. Not that it will advise you on what matches, and what does not; however it allows you to build your outfit in one viewing to see how they will look without having to screenshot, and pull everything together in preview. On this menswear site, there are several brands few well-known, and others not so mainstream just yet, which include Siki Im, Public School, Patrik Ervell, Richard Chai, Robert Geller and Common Projects. Click on the photos to engage in my experience even more. Sign Up & Shop ÉCOLE here https://ecole.me/landing