A month with Terra Beard Oil by The Barba NYC

I’ve recently been on a beard health kick since it has been terribly cold here in New York City and every man knows with cold weather brings dryness and breakage to any mans usually flourishing bearded tresses! I know for me specifically this is the first winter I’ve experienced having a beard and transitioning from the warmer months to the fall/winter it seemed as though my beard had decided it wanted to become extremely dry and shed. I couldn’t for the life of me understand what I was doing wrong from a few months ago when my beard was growing in great lengths to now when the winter had approached, but I as did extensive research I found out just like the hair on my head my beard needed moisture and LOTS of IT! I tried many moisturizers and beard oils over a span of few weeks to month(s) and I found out either i hated the smells or they didn’t do a thing for my thick beard. I was miraculously introduced to Terra Beard Oil by The Barba NYC and of course I had my doubts on any beard oil being strong enough to penetrate my thick afro-american beard but I decided to give it a try anyways and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Over the course of a month I saw the amount of split ends, shed hair, and just overall dryness disappear! I’m definitely excited to see how this product will work for me in the warmer months and as well try more of their product line since they have a plethora of things to choose from for beard care. So if you’re a bearded man like me or a man looking to grow out his beard and want to start on a healthy foot this is definitely a product I would recommend.

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