What’s in your Toiletry?

For today’s modern man, there are a lot more things to carry than there were even a decade ago. We travel, and I don’t just mean from country to country, state to state, and/or city to city, but from home to work, from work to dinner, and so on. One must always be prepared in today’s world where appearance, and even more importantly hygiene is a major requirement for people. Not just people you’re trying to date or befriend, but anyone. You really don’t want to be the topic of conversation when the conversation is about who smells bad, who needs to brush their teeth, and who needs to freshen up. In my toiletry bag I always carry the same items. Where I go wrong with my toiletry bag is that I carry it alone a lot so it becomes more of my bag for the day which causes me to run out of space. In Rashad’s bag you can always find a cologne, brush, tooth-brush “I usually forget to put this in my bag after use“, phone charger, now travel size deodorant, gum, and lip balm. Of course that doesn’t sound like too much to remember, but when you constantly change bags, for different days, and different reasons you tend to forget. I speak for myself often, but I’m sure I speak for many other men living the same type of lifestyle that I do in saying that the day you leave the house without these items is the day everyone wants to plan and hangout. Thank god I live on the same island I work on or there would be no running home to grab my items or to freshen up. I started traveling with these personal items around my sophomore year in college, that’s when my need to always be presentable definitely kicked in. It’s like an unpaid job of some sort. Here’s what’s in my bag today, and tomorrow hopefully yours! I dumped out my Fendi this morning, and this is what lived within.

1. Fendi Toiletry Bag – http://www.fendi.com/us/

2. John Varvatos – John Varvatos | http://www.sephora.com/john-varvatos-P66724?skuId=765586

3. CHANEL BLEU DE CHANEL – Deodorant Stick – In store

4. EOS lip balm http://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm/smooth-spheres/summer-fruit-lip-balm.html

5. Brush & Comb – Local Hair Store

This may all seem light to you, but my toothbrush was missing, my keys weren’t displayed, nor my headphones or iPod.