The Ride

tumblr_ljidrdPuUd1qa10w1o1_500Here’s the problem with me wanting a bike while living in New York City. The square footage simply doesn’t allow it in my life at this point. New York city is the home of bikes, everyone can’t afford a car and/or they do not want the hassle of having a car, i.e finding parking, avoiding parking tickets, and so on. Let’s focus on the space situation, my room simply does not warrant the space for one I barely enough room for my shoes. This is where my fascination with the bicycle began to form, the fact that a car may be a bit more out of reach than it was when I lived in Florida. I had bikes as a child, but it was really just to ride around my neighborhood or to the store never more serious than that. Nowadays living in New York City, bikes are more relevant in my life than ever, and I can admit throughout my almost two years of living here, there’s one bike I cannot take my eyes off of every time I see it when I venture out of my apartment.Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 1.26.45 PM
The Brompton“, Not only is this bike eye-catching, and reminiscent of the bikes they ride in those movies about Compton. It actually shuts up that complaint I have about not having enough space for a bike, being that this bike folds into basically just one part as you will see below in the left hand corner. Not only is this bike a space saver, this bicycle is one of the most uncompromising constructions I know, artistically and structurally; weighing between 20 and 28 pounds, built by hand, from scratch in the Brompton factory in West London, England.

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