The Uniform; A Look or An Easy Way Out

tumblr_m9fdxiytBY1rpmeqxo1_500 The Uniform, a word I tried to avoid at all cost during my years of schooling. I literally chose my schools based on that whether they required uniforms or not that was until I got to fourth grade, and I really wanted to attended Rowlett Magnet Elementary Performing Arts School. I attended that school for fourth, and fifth grade, and I can say that I don’t think uniforms bothered me way back when, but as I grew older, and my mom asked me about attending private school during my middle school years I was extremely against it. It would’ve hinder my freedom of expression. In elementary it went Red, white, or blue? Which color this morning Rashad? Which color did you wear yesterday? Not to mention when your bottoms only consisted of khaki or navy pants/shorts, variation hardly existed.
I say this to say that a uniform was once my worst enemy, I literally repelled the whole idea, and how much of a restriction it was for an individual. To me a uniform was once a straightjacket, and today I find myself trying to create my own uniform. Many of today’s Fashion Icons have uniforms “excluding celebrities“. Just think of the top-tier like Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, and so on. They always look the same, of course it may not being the same clothing, but the look is the same which in fact counts as their uniform. If those two were to show up to an event “Anna with different hair”, and Karl “with color on” the Fashion Industry would go into a Frenzy. So I ask, when you create a uniform for yourself when it’s not required does it become your look? Or does it become an easy way out? Of course it has to be less stressful to know what you’re going to wear everyday, and not have to wake up earlier than one would like. On the flip side does this stricken your creativity, and just give you an easy way out, and easily identify you as an ICON.

I can say I will throw on my black blazer, perfectly starched white button up, black trousers, and a black shoe of some sort in a heart beat. Tis is my uniform, I have my days when getting dressed is the last thing on my mind, and I’m going to be late for work if I don’t hurry up and decide, so this became my go to, and now it’s total representation of who I am. I’m often not recognized in casual clothing.