What’s Bottega Veneta?

IMG_1870Founded in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy, Bottega Veneta translates into English as Venetian atelier, or workshop. The heart of this brand has always been craftsmanship which till this day is a value that they have preserved today. All of Bottega Veneta leather goods are still made in Italy to exacting standards.IMG_1872 Mainly known for being that brand with the “woven material” to those outside of the fashion industry as I once was, and that was my way of identifying the brand, and once my mind grew, and my love for the industry so did my research habits, but honestly I feel like I can across the name of the brand within a fashion magazine. Since 2001, Tomas Maier has been creative director and has continued to promote Bottega Veneta’s core values of innovation, quality and craftsmanship, while of course adding his own signature aesthetic which is obviously sophistication. Today, Bottega Veneta includes more than just leather goods with a range of products that include clothes, shoes and furniture, While embarking on my journey of research I learned that in 2006, Bottega Veneta opened an artisan school in Italy to train a new generation of craftsmen in the precise art of hand making the products, which is the first time I ever heard of a brand doing such a thing. Keep tailoring alive!