The Art of Ironing; The Shirt

IroningGIF Here’s what many don’t know and the other half don’t care about when it comes to ironing. Today I’m focusing on the button-up specifically. We’ll tackle jeans another day. There are several steps one should take when it comes to ironing, but before I get started can I rant a bit? What is it with people who don’t like to iron? I mean excuse the hell out of me, because I don’t want a thousand and one wrinkles on my clothing before the end of the work day even arrives. On the other hand I can understand why ironing can become more than just ironing. Having clothes you just ironed on makes you sit differently, and if you can and you aren’t too tired you avoid sitting at all cost until you absolute have to. I know if I iron, and I’m not leaving right away I don’t put my clothes on until it’s time to go! Enough of my gibberish!

Step 1. Before you start, one should unbutton all buttons, including the cuffs on the shirt, and remove collar stays as well “to avoid curling or damaging the collar stays” trust me I learned this the hard way. Also make sure your ironing board is clean, as a child I always ruined my because with my ironing leaking, and turning brown such a mess, before I realized it; I ended up browning a few shirts. MAKE SURE YOUR IRONING BOARD PAD is clean.
Step 2. Keep it moving! Do not allow your iron to sit on your shirt for more than a couple of seconds this will help to avoid scorching your shirt. Most would say iron your collar first, but whichever order you iron in, make sure your iron “the inside, and outside of your collar” this is imperative what’s uglier than an ironed shirt, with a wrinkled collar?

Step 3. Here’s when ironing becomes tedious, and people give up! Iron the whole shirt, this means the entire shirt. The sleeves, the body, between the buttons, and the cuffs but don’t just stop there what you for one side you must do for the other, which means iron the inside, and outside of all of this. Yup! Time consuming isn’t it? Whelp, you can’t rush perfection.

Step 4. Hang your shirts! What was the point of all that work just to lay the shirt on the bed and even perhaps accidentally sit on it, and wrinkle it right back. Also treat your goods with respect? Say no to plastic and wire hangers only use those as a last resort.