Slightly Obsessed with Rick

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.09.54 PMYes I know you guys are probably over me, and my obsession with Rick Owens, but yet again he has reeled me in with his latest color way! Here I was online looking for a new sneaker from a designer I hadn’t talked about yet, and long behold Rick Owens pops up on my radar. I’ve talked about Rick Owen’s Ramone Boot Sneakers before, but these are by far the best I’ve come across thus far, although I still need the black versions in my life. This deep silver with the contrasting white leather is definitely a staple item, and a hot ticket item at that, because who knows if this color will continue to be produced or is it just for this season? I find myself wanting all the things I can’t afford no I can’t afford that 925 square Soho loft why? Well because it’s $3 million dollars! Why is it $3 million dollars? Who knows! Can I afford these Rick Owen sneakers? Sure if I save up for it I actually could. Am I going to save up for them? Lord only knows! Enough of the sap okay! I want to be one of those cool Asian who walks around dripping in labels with an effortless swag. Wait! Is the word swag still happening? Or have we buried that? I’ll leave that up to you and your friends to decide as I contemplate on if I will save my tax return for better or for worse. To Rick or not to Rock that is the question? If it is “To Rick” for you click here, and thank me later!