NYFW; Robert Geller Fall 2015 Menswear Collection

IMG_0354How do I begin to explain Robert Geller’s Fall 2015 Menswear collection? Hmm ok I found it. Last season I fell in love with Robert Geller, and his designs! His Spring 2015 collection was so amazing I literally packed the whole collection into one post, and if you don’t believe that go to that browse tab in the upper right hand corner and type in his name and witness what I am speaking of. IMG_0349Don’t you love when a designer keeps you on your toes, when you’re waiting around to see what they will be doing next season. Robert has become one of those designers for me. I was literally waiting on this show, and this collection is immaculate. Rich in color this collection is, and this burnt orange color is very in right now, I’ve seen this about three times this season. Last season from Robert I wanted his hats, this season I want his cropped pleated pants, wool overcoats, all the stripes you can think of whether pin or wide. This season out of the 30 looks I decided to pick my ultimate favorites just to narrow things down a bit. Look 1 this wool combination really intrigued me, and I love contrast with such a heavy material then the pairing of a wife-beater “if people still call them that”. Look 4 those pleated pants I love them so much, this pattern mixed with this shirt so good. Look 9 reminded me of look 1, but I adore it so much for the simplicity, brown just doesn’t give me simplicity; however this grey definitely does. Talk about “pop”, this orange in look 15 is so hawt; that it seems like it’s beaming through my computer screen. Staying with look 15 these pants with the dark orange and navy blue pants is it! Saving the best for last look 18 which is placed at the top is my favorite look of this collection. This models skin tone is amazing against these silk fabrics, and the color blocking in the upper part of this look goes so well.