NYFW; Grungy Gentleman Fall 2015 Menswear Collection

Grungy Gentleman - Presentation - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015MaleCritique attended Grungy Gentleman’s Fall 2015 Menswear Show, this being our second season and things are only getting better; I love starting with a new brand, because you can grow with them from the beginning, and actually see the evolution in the clothing and the brand itself. Presented with live Hip-hop music, the presentation featured a preppy theme to the sounds of rap which in itself is a huge contrast. Keys pieces such as overcoats, checked button-ups, and abnormal puffer jackets which I can say is my first time seeing “that type of puffer jacket of course” were the staples of this collection, and the designs seemed to featured around everyday wear, which is a good aesthetic for a brand like Grungy Gentleman. One thing I’ve noticed from last season to this season is how the models actually represent the name of the collection. “Grungy Gentleman” sounds like an oxymoron to me, because when I think of grunge I don’t think of a gentleman, but Jace proves to you just how you can mix the two, and still come out well manicured. For instance, the beards I could very much see on a grungy guy, but it wouldn’t be so well-kept or even shaven down to be honest, but that’s when the gentleman part kicks into play, because most gentleman especially those in certain work environments have to keep themselves well-groomed not to say a large thick beard can’t be well-kept but I’m sure you get my drift. Keeping with the hip-hop theme, selected models sported backwards snapbacks, adding another layer of “street wear” to the collection, and you can’t deny the fact that Juelz Santana, and Jada Kiss; who performed at this show made you lose yourself in the music. I can honestly say I see the growth already, and I’m amped to see what Grungy Gentleman will look like eight more seasons down the road.