Product Report; Clean For Men

IMG_0199 On the 27th of February Rashad got really dirty aka cleaned his bathroom, and room. I hate cleaning the bathroom germ central up in there! Anyhow what’s the opposite of dirty? Clean obviously, and with that being said I was presented with a few products by the brand CLEAN, and within those products included the Eau de Toilette, Hair & Body Wash, and a Deodorant stick. In the mist of being you know dirty at the moment I cannot wait to shower, and try this on! I probably will just use the Toilette, and save the other two products for a later date just in case I’m on E with hygiene products.IMG_0227 As I always say if you’ve know me, been following me for awhile, or have taken a trip down memory lane on my Instagram you should know that I’m really into grooming, and hygiene when it comes to men. It’s something about always smell cleaning, but not just smelling clean but actually being clean. I know there are people out in the world who do not believe in showering daily, and I’m not sure how I feel about that to be honest. I can’t get jiggy with that type of lifestyle. I feel like my bed is suffering from the fact that I ventured out into the world, and came home and just threw all of my “yuck” onto it. Excuse me, as I go shower and will be right back and tell you how CLEAN I actually feel, or smell I shall say since I’m only using one product. Wait! You know what I will scratch that and use all three products. What’s the point of telling you all about something, if I don’t tell you about everything.IMG_0228 Ok I’ve returned and you can obviously see the water on the body wash which came from me being in the shower. How do I feel? I feel like a Jock who just showered, and now all the girls want to rub on my abs. No really I do feel like an athlete and I know that feeling because I once was one in my younger days. Ladies if you want your man to smell good, and Gentlemen if you want to smell good for her you might want to click this link, and order your products today.

4 responses to “Product Report; Clean For Men

  1. teach me how to become like you. I so wish I had the influence you have. could you imagine the damage you would do if you have the followers of sites like fashionbombdaily or something along those lines

  2. I came back to your site today. just to let you know that I purchased this product just because of you! thanks for the tip

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