Product Report; Ambré Baldessarini Cologne

IMG_0200A woody-oriental fragrance with fruity nuances that ‘separates the men from the boys’, is the third fragrance from Baldessarini. Charles Schumann, the face of the first two, once again lended his masculine and charming image to advertise this woody-oriental juice with whisky and oak-wood accents. Its amber-oriental character is sustained thanks to vanilla, oak moss and labdanum. It was created by the Firmenich perfumer team in 2007.

Enough of the history If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’m addicted to fragrances. Cologne is probably my guilty pleasure, I’m always in Sephora trying out new products that I tend to share with a few people “you should try this” or I send the person a link in which they obviously understand what I’m trying to say. I don’t how much I can stress how important hygiene is for men, and although cologne isn’t necessarily about hygiene, because it’s just there to make you smell good, but I find it very imperative, unless you’re allergic or something. A man and even a boy should always have a fragrance(s) to run to, and when you get really involved in cologne you start to find out that different fragrances go with different looks, times of days, and seasons. Can I be honest, and say I spray this one on when I need something different “Ambre” this is one of those scents that isn’t too overbearing, but it’s still there; however you want to spray on a lot so it can hit someone in the face when you walk pass them.

You can shop Ambré Baldessarini at or just click here

5 responses to “Product Report; Ambré Baldessarini Cologne

  1. you’re on a roll today. I like these constant updates. I remember your tumblr days. man you updated like everyday multiple times a day, but you also were in college so maybe the timing is different now. I went to go check out your tumblr page the other day, and you had deleted it.
    =( so sad.

  2. So far your judgement on cologne has been very good. low-key I always look for the ones you post, and go try them out! I’ve bought 2 so far as well.

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