NYFW; John Elliot Fall 2015 Menswear Collection

Here’s what happened to me on the morning of John Elliot’s show. I missed it, I totally spent $23 on a cab ride getting to the venue just to miss the entire show. I was at Lincoln center attending another show that took a very long time to start, and the collection was grotesque to keep it classy. Although I missed the show, I ran into Kanye West so that was a cool experience.IMG_7494 Finally on to the collection, this was John’s first runway collection, and when you’re a designer with an already established cult following behind you; you cater to your customers, and you invite those whose style is exactly what you’re selling. I say that because I wasn’t surprised to see Victor Cruz, and J.R Smith at this show as well. John presented us with stacked sweatpants, layered jerseys, a suede poncho, and rider jackets all in this monotone coloring. The beginning of the collection really reminded me of marshmallows, and who doesn’t love marshmallows? Flipping through the lookbook, Look 5 caught my attention more so than the previous four looks I may have to give to the Manila pieces that sold this look to me, but is that really enough? Must be! Look 12, this look makes me want to head to some park in Brooklyn or Uptown Manhattan, and play some casual basketball with friends you know just a few lay ups without all the realness was of the game, not only that I am digging this Army green, and then they paired it with some Nike’s. John you’re really trying to bring out the athletic side of me I see. Between looks 15 & 17, I never been into grey so much when it comes to such casual clothing except all pieces of this look weren’t exactly that casual the jacket in look 15 could easily be paired with something a bit more dresser which makes it a great piece because you can get multiple wears out of it. Look 17 I am just in love with the dark grey knit pieces so the long johns and that scarf really brought my attention to this look. Wait! Wait! I can definitely pull off look 18, without any hesitation it’s coming to me “you can do anything you put your mind to” I love the pairing of this raincoat underneath the jacket with the joggers and Air Force ones. John, I promise to make it to your show next season, and on time!