NYFW: Perry Ellis Fall 2015 Menswear Collection

IMG_1401You know every season I look forward to seeing the key players in the menswear industry, and I know I can always count on them to be at the Perry Ellis show. Oh look there’s Jim Moore, Nick Wooster, Matthew Marden, and so on! Last season Perry Ellis came back strong as ever with their very youthful collection, and this season they stayed on track with keeping things young! It’s like a rebirth of a brand known to be your old mans favorite, but it’s not just for your “old man” anymore it’s for the young to the restless, see what I did there? This is Michael Maccari’s second season as designer for Perry Ellis, and although he’s keeping things young he hasn’t forgotten the original Perry Ellis silhouettes. IMG_1719He’s making things more modern for the era of the modern man, we want things fitted with great accessories to match and a great layering look that doesn’t hide what you’re wearing, but enhances it. After studying the looks I got a chance to really dissect them and catch onto things I didn’t while I was at the show. Look 1 was actually a sweat suit, at the show I didn’t catch that the pants were actually joggers and not trousers. I don’t even think I saw Look 5 at the show, I don’t know how my eyes missed this one I must have been looking down for a quick second and missed it, because this suit is a beauty the textures and patterns that went into making this are definitely worthy of praise. It’s very rare you see such earthy colors make such a big statement in menswear; especially when it’s on a suit. Look 6 provided me with a cropped jacket which I have been adoring since they first hit the scene a couple of seasons ago during London Fashion Week. I love bags and if you know me, you know that for a fact and I love a bag that’s going to make a statement in the airport look at me being so vain, but no I get really intrigued by luggage when I’m at the airport, and the bag in look 14 is literally a carry all. Personally look 18 is my favorite this burnt orange color is sensational, and the styling of it really enhances the color. Look 20, lately I’ve really been into the color brown, and I’m not entirely sure why, but if I had to explain it to someone I would just show them this look, and say “this is why”. Skipping over to look 37 this was pure perfection, I’m sure I would even do a double take if I saw this guy walking down the street so well tailored, and put together and the clear lenses are the perfect touch of class. One day I will drape myself in these new Perry Ellis designs and be “Very Perry“.