NYFW: Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2015 Menswear Collection

57 looks were presented from Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2015 Menswear Collection, and within these 57 looks featured every label that Ralph Offers from Purple Label to Polo Sport. It makes me wondered how does one compare this collection when Ralph is honestly in a lane of its own.IMG_1643 It’s sort of like these were multiple brands competing against each other, but how is that possible when they all represent a different day, time, and activity? Smart man you are Mr.Lauren, because now I’m left comparing you to yourself which is something a lot of brands can’t get critics to do. The collection takes me from Great Gatsby to the farm in a matter of flips/clicks. I had to definitely point out that look 3 was my absolute favorite it’s like Independence Day with an evening twist how does one make a pilot suit elegant? Well now we know, and have a clear vision of how it should look. What I love from Ralph Lauren is that within his Purple Label collection he embodies British suiting and makes it American or is it that since he’s American I can sit here and say that? With Ralph Lauren being such a lifestyle brand his different labels still touch on every genre let’s compare Purple Label vs Polo Ralph Lauren, they both offer evening looks, board room looks, and then things start to get causal as the clothes becomes more appropriate for outdoor living and/or recreational activities. Polo Sport is exactly what it says for the “sports” whether it’s jogging, tennis, polo, and so on and so forth. So I say smart move Ralph, for creating your own lane that obviously no one else can jump in right now.