Paris Fashion Week; Kolor Fall 2015 Menswear Collection

IMG_1806-1What previously attracted me to this brand awhile ago was the name to be quite honest. I was like “Kolor, who are they?” I instantly became a fan after viewing their work, and the type of clothing they produce. As subtle as they are with some of their collections this brand represents its name to the fullest touching on every color in the rainbow whether the hue and saturation is loud or mute. I swear I adore Asians and the way they handle fashion. Japanese, Chinese, and so on it doesn’t matter they always create amazing Fashion labels. This collection featured very intricate patterns, and came off so warm. Listen carefully, it’s like when you walk into someone’s house, apartment or place of residence and they have a warmed colored accent wall or walls, it’s soothes you very much, and you can relax very easily. Same with this collection the clothes no matter how much work went into making them appear to be very laid back, and non-constraining. Look 1 this overcoat, is perfect mixed, and the style was doing right as well. Pay attention to look 8, and see what trend you spy again. These burnt orange and rust colored garments are probably my favorite those colors are really touching my heart right now. Look 17 features a burst of Burnt orange. Earth tones are the best way to describe the color scheme. Look 31 has to be one of my favorites. You guys know I love a suit, and this suit with the matching shirt underneath, with the matching pants, sold jacket! Perfection.IMG_6058-1