Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuitton Fall 2015 Menswear Collection

IMG_1789One of the most iconic, and recognizable brands in the world. I can honestly say that isn’t an exaggeration, that’s extremely literal, now of course that may only be true for their leathers good, and so forth. Maybe not so much their clothing since it changes every six months, but you understand what I’m saying. Louis Vuitton first opened its doors 130 years ago, before anyone on this earth today was even born. Enough history right, I was live streaming this collection waiting on my bed for it to release, and my jaw dropped. It obviously had to be the accessories that were paired with the garments. I mean come on, this show gave everyone new ideas on how to sport their Louis Vuitton goods in a non obnoxious way. This collection was presented with just about every leather good available for men today from LV, minus luggage and the bigger items of course. Book bags/Backpacks whichever you prefer, fanny packs, and cross body bags. These bags were perfectly placed on the model; I wonder if it would look the same in person as on the runway? Hmmm! On Instagram I posted some of my favorite looks, but I didn’t dislike any look in this collection. Going through the images right now as I type this I’m starting to realize that I overlooked the more casual looks so here am I to point out the ones I really adore. Look 3, Look 9, and look 11. Yes I love you so!IMG_1791