Paris Fashion Week; Off-White Fall 2015 Menswear Collection

IMG_1803Virgil Abloh! Does that name ring a bell? Yes? No? Fine okay do you remember the brand Pyrex, yes now I feel you starting to say “oh I do remember” it actually wasn’t very long ago. Not to remind anyone of the past just for a refresher. I know I keep saying every collection is my favorite, but this is my most favorite. I was so thrilled to see this collection. I literally mean that, it’s my wallpaper on my iPhone. Yup, that’s how much I love this collection; If I could own every single look I would’ve contacted this brand the day after it showed! I can’t do anything but admire almost all 15 looks that this brand presented, although they aren’t all for me “I’ll list the ones I’d wear towards the end“. The first look is actually the look on my phone. This peach colored look is everything, the peach coat, the peach hoodie ohhh this is mouth-watering I must say. I adore whoever styled this show! From the denim to the shoes with the socks, perfect! While I was doing my research I saw that Virgil did a bit of traveling to Jackson Hole, Wyoming; whatever this place did for him I thank it very much! Look 2, remember now I spoke about ponchos being in this season, and I specifically said in fast-fashion, and on the runway. Both entities of the fashion realm were on the same page! I was literally, and thoroughly excited looking at this collection. I need everything Virgil, if you read this Rashad of needs something from this collection. Okay I was bit excited, every look in this collection isn’t exactly for me. Shall I point out the looks I need in my life? Yes I shall! Look 1, look 2, look 7, look 9, look 13, and look 14.IMG_3786