Milan Fashion Week; Neil Barrett Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear Collection

IMG_6362Known for his perfectly constructed sweatshirts. Neil Barrett never let’s me down; he’s a man who definitely gets menswear and knows his customer very well. Men who pay attention and maybe even those who don’t all flock to his collection. Whether it’s the guy who keeps up with every season and collection, or the guy who just so happened to have walked into Bergdorf Goodman, and had money to spend on a top. I found it, the adjective to describe Neil “Perfection” everything he designs is as precise as one can get. From knitwear, to classic pieces, jean jackets and more. The construction of these garments were touched by the Almighty whoever that may be to you. Noticeably “Army green” was the color of this show! If you look closely towards the latter end of the collection, garments start to blend fabric, then again the fabric isn’t necessarily blending they become block; two separates if you will. Another favorite of this collection were the drop-crotch trousers. I’m not entirely sure if they are in fact drop-crotch, but they give the illusion that they are, so it’s a win win in my book. This show also showcased some great footwear, I just wish they were more detail angles of the shoe, but you can’t have everything. When I’m preparing for the menswear collections I always know who I’m anticipating, and Neil Barrett is one of the designers I always look out for, he can do no wrong in my eyes, and since I started falling his brand he has done no wrong, even bigger platforms such as, and agree! IMG_9881