Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear Presentation

IMG_0601Opening Ceremony has provided us with one of the coolest presentations of the season! This Kodak moment was unexpected, but much appreciated. I have this thing for expensive houses/apartments that I cannot afford, but I love to look at them on I have this one apartment book marked as if I’ll have the seven million dollars tomorrow to buy it, anyhow I say that to say this is a collection that many will bookmark and wait on its release. What I adore must is that if you pay attention you realize that much of this collection is recycled look one is a full look. Then you realize that they start tripping the collection down piece by piece, changing an item or two here or there. I appreciate that and I must say I really enjoy this look with this huge square in the middle. I’m a simple guy I don’t need much, and this look provides just enough. I really want this collection. I’m quite adamant about it to be honest. Let’s see if six months from now I have a piece from this collection.OC2 

3 responses to “Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear Presentation

  1. the top row is my favorite, and I love this collection. very simple, but really attracts you, and I love how they made Kodak look cool again.

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