Milan Fashion Week: John Varvatos Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear Collection

JVI always feel like John Varvatos is in the business of dressing well-groomed Vampires. Yes Vampires, if they do exist and perhaps walk this earth with us I’m sure they shop at John Varvatos for their clothing.KIM_1606 copy Have you all seen the movie “Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles” that featured Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise? If not, do yourself a favor and google it. This collection was made for that specific type of vampire story. Can I say that I could definitely see Karl Lagerfeld wearing this collection if he ever decided to step out of his uniform. It definitely screams his entire look, gloves over his hand no matter the weather, waxed denim over his leather boots very him. The different cuts in the blazers were a favorite of this show as well, but John always gives us different silhouettes in his jackets. One element that no designer downplayed this season was the element of Fur, whether faux or real it was there in some shape or form. Animal print also found its way into this collection. I hear a lot of reservations about menswear or men in general and animal print. Society seems to deem that a womenswear or woman feature, my question to society is where did all these rules come from. I need the origin of these rules, because perhaps 30 years ago maybe even almost 40 years ago men danced around in platform shoes which in today’s society would call them heels. Look 13 definitely pays tribute to the Brad Pitt movie “see title above” because in that movie a violin played a minor and major role, and this look encompasses it perfectly he just needs longer hair. If you’re take a peek at look 36, you’ll find a matching coat, and hat; the stripes did it for me!JV2