LCM Fashion Week; Sibling Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear Collection

SibilngI am an individual I live in my own world. Some girls like super heroes, some boys like super heros, some girls like princesses, some boys like princesses. Why does girls have to like all the pink stuff, and all the boys have to like different color stuff? When looking through Siblings Fall/Winter 2015 menswear collection, it pretty much screams eff you I can wear what I want to wear. MARC0033-1 2Sibling made headlines this season with their Barbie Pink collection that was made for men. Was Perez Hilton at this show? It would be so fitting for him or is he not into Pink anymore? Who knows, although this collection was covered in pink all the models kept it masculine with how comfortable they seemed in the clothing, but pink is just a color. Why do people get worked up over such trivial things in life? I wonder what the meaning behind all the teddy bears was? I have to go on record and say my favorite look was the crumpled brown paper bag look. When flipping through the lookbook you may want to turn the brightness on your screen down as the pink starts to intensify as you go deep into the collection. I say bravo to you Sibling for causing a stir at Fashion Week. I’m sure no one was expecting a hot pink collection during this segment of Fashion. On the other hand London Fashion Week is also known for being way more outlandish than the states when it comes to menswear so should we be surprised ehh, probably not; but we definitely were! I love to see runway hit the streets worn by people who aren’t celebrities, so I’ll be waiting.