LCM Fashion Week; Richard James Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear Collection

RichardJamesA personal favorite this season based on just a handful of looks. It’s like someone peaked into my closet of perfectly nestled unworn clothing items. I only have a pair or two of velvet slippers, but Richard obviously let me know it was imperative to have more to perfectly match my suits! Ponchos are in right now, and not just on the runway, but they’re already in stores it’s like fast fashion and runway brands were thinking the same thing this time around. In the first look that came down the runway a model was wearing a poncho with tassels attached to the bottom, this extra add on is usually only seem on the women ponchos so once again this blending of gender clothing is apparent. Sidebar this look really made me want to ride a horse or watch one of those black & white television shows with cowboys vs Indians. Perhaps I’ll indulge in that sort of television entertainment tonight. Not to be fooled the British heritage definitely showed up in the collection, quite quickly I must add too. Look 4 in the collection definitely a favorite from this collection. I need this exact look in my closet in time for NYFW. I must say I noticed a divide in Menswear Fashion week(s) either the collection featured tons of color or none at all. It was literally all color vs black. The brown near knee-high boots the models sported reminded me of these boots Pharrell wore probably four or five years back, I hope it wasn’t longer than that or I am really regretting this growing older in my twenties phase. A well-tailored collection that seems to be able to translate to leisure time when you don’t want to change “the clothes look comfortable enough to lounge around in if you don’t feel like changing”, just incase I had to break that down for you all. The last three looks of the collection brought it all to a close with perfect tailored, and I beautifully colored suits.RichardJames1