LCM Fashion Week; Moschino Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear Collection

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 1.20.51 PMI can honestly say that 85% of the menswear collections have totally been in sync with one another! Trends have never been so visible. Fur, oversized clothing, wide leg trousers, jumbo sized scarves, fur bags. It is winter though so what do you expect? Moschino by the likes of Jeremy Scott took us via internet and those in attendance through winter wonderland, with hints of abs throughout the collection. As opposed to KTZ’s collection, Moschino catered more to the snowboarder who wanted to be known for more than just his snow boarding skills but also his snow look! For those who are faint of heart at the site of FUR, take a step back and digest that all fur isn’t real; and that is quite the case in this collection yes it was Faux Fur. Happy? If this is one thing you should have learned from Jeremy Scott by now is that everything will be overly dramatic or shall I say overly exaggerated. No we don’t want normal we can walk into a JCPenny for that, this is runway we want Fantasy! Basically if you’re worrying about practicality then you’re viewing the wrong collection my friend. I guess you can say never expect normal from Jeremy, but what happens when we start to expect the outrageous every season does that become your norm? Take Lady Gaga for example, at first all her looks were such a surprise to society, but after we grew accustomed to her, everyone stopped being shocked, and now it’s shocking to see her in what society would deem normal. Is that what you’re going for Jeremy?IMG_8597