LCM Fashion Week; KTZ Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear Collection

IMG_1524-1You ever dreamt of becoming an Eskimo? Ever wondered what it’s like to live in an Igloo or spend your entire life living in temperatures even the most northern people fear? I could dive deep into conversation about the life of an Eskimo; however I’d rather focus on what they wore. What did they wear exactly to keep them warm?GR008125 I did a little research, and this is what I was told. Only fur clothing was warm enough in such a cold place. The Inuit make their clothes of animal skin. Caribou skin make the best clothes because they are warm and light.Eskimos wear shirts, coats, pants, socks and shoes or boots. They wear two layers of clothes, The inner layer of fur against the skin and the outer layer of fur facing out.Boots and shoes are made of seal skin because it is waterproof. The hooded coat is called the parka. Snow goggles are used to protect their eyes from the glaring snow.” Talk about preparing yourself for the winter. I wonder is this the wardrobe of modern times? IMG_5797It would be an amazing experience to meet a group of Eskimo’s but that may be a bit far fetch eh? Now I say all of that to introduce you all to KTZ’s Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear Collection which instantly reminded me of Eskimo’s? How can it not though? Compare this photo I found on Google of real life Eskimos to the photos of the collection! I can honestly say both are equally chic, KTZ’s version just so happens to be darker in color. I wonder how fast one could run in all this clothing. The Eskimo look was a huge part of this collection, but it however wasn’t the only popular part of it. KTZ also offered looks that would definitely need to be featured in a new Inspector Gadget movie that was produced and directed by Tim Burton! Can you see my vision? You have to, I can’t steer you wrong my child. This first look on the second collage! I am dying inside to have that entire look. Can you imagine? Really can you imagine me in that. I would literally kill the sidewalks of Manhattan! IMG_1526