LCM Fashion Week; MAN Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

ManMAN, yes “man” the exact word I used when I saw this collection. Actually I said “man, I need this in life; my all of it”. Can I just tell you all how great of a collection this is? Let me explain, I love all my clothing to fit me properly; you know “Just Right” and with that being said I don’t wear oversized clothing, but I’ve entered a new stage in life, and if I were to ever buy oversized clothing I would need it to come from this line. I wish I was famous, and could just call up the right people and get all of these pieces right now to wear during this Winter. Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.33.17 AMThis collection was mainly black and navy, with a hint of metallic silver in the mix. Not only did I get an Asian vibe from this collection, but a maniac vibe as well. The hair, the straight jacket looks, and so on. What I love most about oversized clothing these days is the way designers have been designing the garments to stop at a certain point for example. These oversized sweatshirts stop right at the hip and don’t drape over the pants! Giving this perfect precision allusion to the garments. I’ve always wanted to be BLADE, tell me you remember that movie the one with Wesley Snipes, and these looks would solidify my role as him in real life. Not only that, but I do appreciate the oversized look, and I like clothing that makes you do a double take. Although oversized clothing is trending, it still has yet I think to make a huge impact in the United States. Of course A$AP Rocky did make it a thing when he started wearing those oversized tees, but I’m talking way more than a t-shirt. I’m speaking on all clothing being oversized as you see in the collection. The jackets, shirts, pants, and so forth. I wonder when that will arrive here or if it’ll ever make it here?Man2