LCM Fashion Week; TopMan Design Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

TMWhen I saw TOPMAN’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection I instantly thought “The Beatles” this has “The Beatles” wardrobe written all over it! The 70’s was of era of being Eccentric from platforms to male clothing, and their feminine cuts! It was all what we today may call Tacky, but Tackiness “if that is even a word” that we adore! I’m sure Jimi Hendrix would appreciate such a collection as well. Everything in this collection was indeed made for Hippies! Picture it; TOPMAN17Jenny from Forest Gump! Remember her? Yeah, these are the type of men she was attracted to. Shaggy, yes Shaggy from Scooby Doo would love this collection as well. Gordon Richardson really presented a collection that can lead to tons of references, but he didn’t just strictly design for the men of the 70’s. There’s also a strong touch of Glam in this collection as well. You know what was missing, but not really? Bell-bottoms they were there just not as dramatic; a subtle approach to a distance memory. Another large part of this collection was the different furs, and oh how I love fur. I must admit some of the fur was a bit much for even me, you guys know I’m shy!TOPMAN!16