Burberry Sold Out?

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 4.20.44 PMYes they did! Yes they did! Somebody please tell them who the F I is” You all may remember backing during Menswear Fashion week in June of 2014 Burberry’s Spring 2015 collection featured nothing but vibrant colors, but the hats oh the hats were the talk of the Fashion Industry. To your left is a photo from my review on the collection, just to refresh your memory on the hats I speak of! photo-1I meant to get this news out to you all on yesterday, but I was extremely caught up, and just didn’t have the time. These particular hats you see today were released on Tuesday morning, and by 11am they were sold out! Yes SOLD OUT! One questions how does a hat sell out. There should be an infinite number right? Well yes when you’re Mitchell & Ness, but no when you’re a luxury brand. Luxury is just that luxurious and when you’re the customer of luxury companies you don’t want a huge supply of an item, you actually want it as limited as possible; not too limited to when a waiting list becomes a factor, but just enough so the whole country club won’t have them! Before you are two gorgeous hats, rich in color! Now you can join the waiting list or you can visit any Burberry store near you to see if they can find you one or two! Good luck! http://us.burberry.com Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 4.20.22 PM