A Beltology Moment

IMG_0096Belts! I have tons of them, and I’ve most recently; well not exactly recent but I lost one of my favorite belts it seems almost a year ago now, but that’s recent to me. I never remember losing a belt so it’s a big deal, and the belt was reversible. I’m really big on belts unless that’s not the look I’m going for on that day. I can easily say I have 20 or more belts, and no they aren’t all Black.IMG_0100 Having a belt was always a big deal in my family when needed, because my mother was not going to allow me to sag my pants, and at first I didn’t understand why, but now I know why. I thought she was stripping me of this cool factor that I wanted to be apart of as a child, but now I truly appreciate having a belt, and when I can’t find the one I absolutely need for that look I’m wearing that day; I generally tend to panic, and tear up my room looking for it. IMG_5100I recently got this particular belt you see me wearing from a brand called Beltology and I just couldn’t wait to wear it, but a lot of obstacles came into play well not a lot, but one main obstacle and that’s the lack of a photographer. Life was so easy back in college when I had so many people around me who would just take the photos and move on, nowadays I’m like a handyman without a hammer. Now what good is that? During my trip home to Florida for Christmas vacation, I had to utilize a family member aka my sister, and pressure her into taking these photos, but I also had to rearrange my look for this belt, because the temperature obviously was not the same in Florida as in New York. I had to strip myself of all the layers I could’ve worn back in the city, and subject myself to something light and bright. I am overtly happy that I chose a brown belt I desperately needed a brown belt, and this one fits perfectly. Had I been a few more pounds, I would’ve been out of luck! I could go on and on about how important belts are for your image, but I won’t shame you today, so it must be a Happy New Year; being that I’m letting you get away with this one. Until next time Shop here http://www.beltology.com for your new belt from Beltology!