A Day in Doc’s. Dr.Marten’s To Be Exact. Day 3 | The Final Act!

IMG_0075Bringing in the New Year with the last installment of my Dr. Marten adventure. When your name rings bells from Atlanta to Sicily you have to make sure you do things right. I couldn’t tell you how many times a day or in a month I get asked why do you dress like this, do you dress down, who you dressing up for. The list goes on and so does my eye rolls it’s like I’ve been doing this since High school, if I was trying to impress someone and they still aren’t impressed it’s about time to give up on that.IMG_9600 Nonetheless these Cap-toed Dr. Marten’s have garnered thee most compliments out of all the shoes I’ve worn from them! People really love these shoes, and I do as well. Here’s a little secret, these are currently my favorite pair of black shoes that I own, and if I do say so myself I own some pretty nice shoes, but yes these are iT right now. Somedays I find myself wondering how’d I become who I am today. What was it that triggered this love of Fashion in me. I started reading blogs in 11th grade in high school, and from there everything took on a life of its own, but I always loved Fashion I guess I just didn’t notice it or knew what that meant. Little Rashad, always wanted the best shoes, clothes, games, etc. How’d I become this menswear blogger though? How’d my opinion become valued? How’d I get these companies attention. Those are questions I still need answered. I said in 10th grade that I was moving to New York after graduation, but back then I meant high school graduation, but who knew that I had spoken that move into existence six years in advance because after my college graduation; three days later I found myself living in the city that never slumbers talking to and socializing with those guys who makes moves in the industry I’m just dying to be in. I haven’t made it yet, but when being approached by Dr. Martens I like to feel I’m on my way! I don’t talk about Fashion much in person I liked to let my accomplishments and work speak for itself. The Journey is now over, for this Dr. Marten’s collab! Who’s next?