MaleCritique’s 12 Days of Christmas * Day 9 || Giuseppe Zanotti Low-top Sneakers

MaleCritiqueGiuseppe Literally had the hardest time placing MaleCritique’s Christmas ornament in a place where it wouldn’t completely cover the shoe. Moving on! The Giuseppe craze is still here! I will admit, I am one to entertain these shoes. I actually adore them, and their color combinations. It’s like Jordan’s for people with more disposable income, that’s my analogy you do not have to agree. I’m sure if you’re on this site, you’ve seen a pair of Giuseppe’s on here somewhere whether on the wish list on the side or not. Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 12.06.14 AMToday, I wanted to introduce the masses to something else, Giuseppe low-top sneakers. These creations come with an extra pro, and that’s the price that they retail for. You’ll have to wait until the shoes go on sale, and out of season to get your hands on a pair of the mid-top sneakers for the price of the low-top. Retailing for $575.00, yes it gives the low-income guy such as myself a chance of hope, and the design doesn’t disappointment. I actually took a huge liking to this these blue low-top sneakers; it may be the color way this blue, white, and gold flows all to well! Now I could just introduce one sneaker to you, and leave you hanging I had to pick another pair, and you all know I can’t stay away from black so I though these were the perfect pair. Who doesn’t love a slip on sneaker, perfect the get up & go life of any New Yorker! I have to mention that because this hustle in the Big Apple is more than real! The slip on sneakers retail for $640.00 so a bit more than the blue, but that’s what a classic color does to to things. Visit here for your new low-tops!