MaleCritique’s 12 Day’s Of Christmas * Day 10 | Master Dynamic Headphones

MaleCritiqueMasterDynamicMasters they are! Here I was on my regular visit to Bergdorf Goodman, doing what I do best “searching for new product” as I were walking down the aisle to your left once you exit thee elevator, Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 2.36.32 AM I spotted these headphones with this amazing case that they were connected to; it looked like something from a scientific movie with the utmost sophistication. These headphones were chained away like those not so friendly neighborhood dogs. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see what these headphones were all about! Guys I recorded myself listening to them, but what would it matter you wouldn’t be able to hear the sound anyhow. Please take my word for it, and know that Rashad would not lie to you! Master Dynamic at this moment has the best headphones out! The ultimate sound machine, and I know you’re probably wondering about Beats by Dre, those compete in price; but not by quality or function! Not only do these headphones come with the ultimate sound, they’re quite stylish as well! If I could I would, I swear a pair of Master Dynamic headphones would be perfect for my trips back & forth from New York City. I always start to hate flying once my ears pop while I’m in the air, oddly enough I feel as if these headphones would 1. Keep my ears covered, and 2. Keep my ears from popping! Enough of my personal problems how about my personal taste! I endorse Master Dynamic, Shop here for your headphones today!