IMG_36931-1024x768A specimen of many stories I am. It’s those personal stories that makes presenting these products all the more enjoyable! There I was in Urban Outfitters in Herald Square, in the men’s department looking through the new merchandise, and out of no wear this African-American women gazed by in front of me, I quickly lost site of her and became one with the bag that was on her back! Absolutely amazing it was, beautifully crafted and sat on her back like a child.138779-ed51886225904396a3b05cb8186b434a 2 Here I was trying to think of a designer to give credit to, but I just couldn’t; there was no one coming to mind. I did what I usually do when I want to know something, I asked her “who her bag was by” and she stated Kika, they’re based in Brooklyn“. All the information I need was gathered and I quickly entered it into my notes on my phone just so I wouldn’t forget. Quite a nifty story isn’t it? Well let’s take this a bit further. Here I was during press week at Man/Woman Show walking through all the booths that attracted my attention, and who did I spy to my surprise? IMG_2662-801x1024A booth with the name Kika on it, and I knew it was indeed the exact brand, because I recognized the bags! Clearly this was a sign that I needed to speak about this brand, and do more research. I stood there; in Kika’s both photographing the pieces that spoke to me the most. There was a Caucasian women there representing the brand if I remember correctly she was either the founder or one of the founders, but I couldn’t get a word in; there was this young lady about the same age as I who literally kept talking, and talking it had to have been about 15 minutes or more literally, so I eventually walked off. Not the happiest ending haha, but I did learn that day that I needed to expose this brand more. I’m not quite sure what’s taken me so long to finally inform you all about this brand, but today as I went through tons of emails, this brand just popped up in my head, and I went straight to writing, and editing photos to end up here finishing this sentence as you finished reading it.  Visit Kika NY here