MaleCritique’s 12 Days of Christmas * Day 7 | John Woodbridge & Sons

This one is for all the athletes or hey even for those who like to pretend they’re an athlete! Wait! Maybe you just love sports. Like I was saying this one is for the athletes. Upon my movement to concur the internet, I came across this brand John Woodbridge & Son’s; a French sporting company that pays homage to the days of sports past with quality leather gear. Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 3.58.27 PM To me this is the ultimate sports fan’s dream! To own a piece of the past “or what at least looks like the past” Dating all the way back to the 1920’s and the design of sports gear! From Football, Basket, Rugby, and Boxing. Disclaimer; This brand does not only making sports gear they offer much more modern products as well. Moving on! I personally do not box myself, although I’ve always wanted to learn; however I really do not want to bruise up my face, I just know I’m destined to get a busted lip or something when fighting or practicing. If it can happen to the pros I’m more than sure it can happen to me. I think these gloves will make up for the fact, that I wasn’t able to get my hand on those Alexander Wang Boxing gloves “sheds a tear” no really I won’t even count these as a substitute, because these are really in a league of their own. I wonder since the material is in fact new, does it have that vintage feel you know “when something turns extremely hard after decades like your first pair of shoes” or does it just have the look and feel brand new. Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 12.46.44 AMCan I take you back a bit? Yes? Well thank you it was definitely the 90’s between 1997 & 1998 “whoa those dates are never coming back” anyhow and I was attending the Boys & Girls Club in Bradenton, Fl. I was playing little league basketball. I had great endurance, and I could run up and down the court with no problem, but I will admit I was a bit afraid. I couldn’t dribble in-between my legs I have no reason why I could never do that correctly, ironically I can shoot I won’t say I make every shot, but I don’t have a bad shot I can say that. Long story short I ended up not making it through the season or even to the third game for that matter, but I can admit that back in my younger days I was quite the athlete. I tried Baseball, but I’m left-handed and that’s another challenge in itself, basketball, I played football for three years, and I ran track in eight grade, and track again during my senior year of high school, for a bit then I ended up stopping, because I wanted to just hang out” With all that being said this brand speaks to me as well, maybe not as much as the guy who’s been consisting playing sports since childhood, but to me the guy who finds the fashion in everything! To shop John Woodbridge & Sons for US purchases visit here If you’re in fact out of the country visit here