A Day in Doc’s. Dr.Marten’s To Be Exact. Day 2

IMG_9249I had another Doctors appointment on this day. I was instructed to strut around town “up & down“. This day turned into a full adventure. Brunch at “The Smile” all by my lonesome. Ironically that was some of the best brunch I had in New York City or maybe it was the alone time. My face is almost always hiding behind my glasses, therefore I can see your face and you can’t see mine. The shine of these Doc’s captured the attention of every 2 out of 3 pedestrians. After brunch I then made to way to the A.P.C store the way closer to Bowery if you’re familiar with the roads in Manhattan then you’ll know what I’m talking about.IMG_9644 One of the sales associates was taken by the shoes, and when I said they were by Dr.Marten she looked at me with disbelief “like seriously” I didn’t know they made those type of shoes. Obviously once again I wasn’t wearing the mainstream 1460 boots. These days I’m all about Doc Marten in a different form.Like I said on Day 1 I’m here to introduce you all to the other side of Dr.Marten! I even stopped in by my job I had some paperwork to get filled out by my manager, and it was a referral and he wanted to know more about more, and when I alluded to the fact that I’m a menswear blogger and a freelance PR machine I also mentioned that I was working with Dr.Marten and told him the shoes I’m wearing are by Dr.Marten he was surprised as well stating that he didn’t know they made these type of shoes either, and that he really loved them and needed to check out their site! It was a day of compliments and free promotion or shall I say marketing! To make a long story short on this day about 23 people exactly inquired about my Dr.Marten wingtips. I’d like to think I’m representing this company well. See you on Day 3!  && Shop Dr.Marten’s here http://www.drmartens.com/us/