The S’well Bottle

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 1.51.33 PMI’ve been meaning to put all of you onto this brand for a while now! This is a personal experience, and I think everyone will benefit from owning one of these bottles. Gifted to me at a trade show in the city called “PROJECT” was a S’well bottle mine is like a stone blue/grey, you’d have to see it to get the color. I didn’t pay much attention to it when I first received that is until one day I was looking to make hot tea, and carry it with me, but I kept thinking about how cold this is going to get throughout the day. Being that the bottle also has amazing presentation I took it out of my bag, and said “I’m using this”, not even reading the facts. As I was pulling it out a small piece of paper came out with it as well with words on it that my mind instructed me to read, and that’s when I realized how important this bottle was for my life. S’well stainless steel bottles keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, isn’t that all you need to know? Hats off to the creators, because these bottles are a life saver can you imagine, making hot chocolate, tea, and/or coffee; realizing that you don’t have much time to drink it so you place it on your desk or in your locker, and 10/15 mins later it’s starting to cool down, and if you’re gone longer than that it’s actually cold. Now flip that by pouring the contents of your drink into a S’well bottle, and having a hot drink for 12 hours. This is probably one of the best inventions created in a long time. I haven’t been using my bottle lately, but since the weather is dropping every day here in NYC it’s time I break it back out. I just thought I’d share my testimony on S’well, and how much I actually value this bottle. I even find myself selling this bottle for them as if I’m a sales man. I always get asked what type of bottle is that due to the nature of its amazing look, and that leads into me explaining about the bottle, and how amazing it is. Shop here for your S’well Bottle.

3 responses to “The S’well Bottle

  1. that’s dope keeping a drink hot for 12 hours. that is so dope especially if you’re liking traveling or something of that nature

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