MaleCritique’s 12 Days of Christmas * Day 4 | Givenchy Cuff Links

MaleCritiqueGivenchy3 It’s really about all the small details. Yes small details make a huge difference with whatever you’re wearing. Whether it be the changing of a shoestring or adding a lapel pin to your coat and/or blazer. If anything it different dresses up your look, and shows that you’re paying attention to what you’re wearing. It shows that you took the extra time to perfectly place the pin on your garment in the correct area. Cuff links play a significant role in your wardrobe when wearing the proper shirt for them. Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 12.22.53 AMAlthough cuff links aren’t necessarily, necessary the gentlemen or the corporate guy who wants to impress his colleague knows a thing or two about wearing cuff links, and they go through great lengths to find the best ones. Cuff links actually don’t get much air time meaning they’re usually only seen when the suit jacket and or blazer is off. Of course you can see them if you’re paying attention, because if the tailoring is done correctly the jacket arms length are a bit shorter than the button up that the man is wearing. I think there’s a certain elegance to a man in a great suit or great look with amazing cuff links! In today’s world cuff links are way more just thank a metal face on your shirt. They come in loads of different shapes, characters, colors, and so on; so they become more than just a cuff link they’re so special that they get their own section in most stores, and on websites. Shop here for Givenchy Cuff links.