NIP + MAN SERIES, PRODUCT 3 “After-Shave Lotion”

IMG_4028 Yes I’m back with my Nip + Man 6 Day Docu- series! It’s been awhile since I’ve last spoke on Nip + Man reason being I had stopped using the product on the count that I’d get caught up, and run out of time to even sit and test the product out. I’m back this after noon though with their “After-Shave Lotion“. I had a bit of a dilemma though. I don’t actually shave the closet I get to a razor is at the barbershop while my barber is edging me up. Since the razor does also go around my goatee which is on my face so I did rub it around that area. It leaves this certain sensation on your face after you rub it after. Feels like the chemicals are working away to get everything moist. I can’t believe I’m letting you all see me in the flesh this way! For the love of MaleCritique.