MaleCritique’s 12 Days of Christmas * Day 3 | Tiffany’s Men’s Bracelet

MaleCritiqueTiffanys2Yup! I just had an epiphany I need to go to Tiffany’s, and I did! While walking down Fifth avenue dreaming of the day I can pull an American Express Black card out of my wallet. I ended up at Tiffany&Co. I know you’re wondering how do you just end up at such a place well picture it you’re walking down the ave, and you happy to look up and read the sign on the building, and it says Tiffany’s. I seem to think a lot of people don’t know that Tiffany’s makes menswear as well. Of course, not as much as they do for women, but the men have a nice selection. Inventory may be bigger online from what I saw once I saw what was in store or maybe I didn’t go to all the right places. Granted this is more of a bangle rather than a bracelet since it doesn’t close, but it’s under bracelets so that’s what I’m calling it. They are bracelets in different colors, and metals, golds, and silvers. I went with black to you know play it safe for those who aren’t as confident. Shop here for your mens Tiffany’s Bracelet.