Probably one of the “cheapest” yet most useful items on this list. Deodorant! We all need, and we all should wear it! However there’s some people in this universe who don’t think they need it; let it other people tell it though. However there’s always a luxury to something, and this time it’s more than just a regular $3 or $4 deodorant stick.Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.44.21 PM It’s designer! Who doesn’t want Gucci or Versace deodorant under their arms? Feeling luxurious “Que Gwen Stefani” This may seem extreme to some, but then that would mean you’re reading the wrong site! Luxury or Nothing! Fret not, these designer deodorant sticks are not hard to find. At your nearest, and hopefully local Sephora these items should be in stock! Granted certain items are stocked in certain stores based on the clientele. Can I just go on a tangent for a moment? Yes why thank you! I pride myself on hygiene, and I think it’s equally important for both genders I won’t say anymore than that except gentlemen let’s keep it clean and fresh. I go through great lengths or shall I say measures for the upkeep of Rashad. Whether that means waking up three hours ahead of the time I’m supposed to be at work.Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.44.30 PM Yes if I have to be in at 9:00am that means I shall be waking up at 6am or 6:30am depending on what I’m wearing. Most of that first hour is dedicated to getting clean, then second hour is to iron and get dressed, that third hour is me leaving early enough not to be late. No matter if I showered the night before it’s always feels good to spray on cologne after you’ve showered so a morning shower is a must in my book. I think the fragrance works better that way, and with deodorant. Deodorant, and funk never mix well. You can’t find yourself musky, and just think rubbing some deodorant on is going to do the trick. This isn’t your average deodorant, but obviously you know that. So have you been expecting super extreme prices? Well let me just say that for this type of deodorant it’s not unaffordable, but it will cost you from anywhere between $19-$42 depending on the brand. Happy Holidays shop here for Designer Deodorant.