A Man & His Bag

tumblr_lzmttgGExl1qc84cno1_r1_500What’s with everyone and their hatred towards a man with a bag? Okay hatred maybe be a strong word depending on where you’re from and/or currently live. In metropolitan areas such as major states/cities like California, NYC, Washington D.C, Miami, and Atlanta. The “man bag” controversy may not cause much controversy at all. Sure even in the city we have those who don’t partake in the life of Fashion so those people still judge they usually live in the every borough besides Manhattan “ouch” okay okay even some of the Uptown Manhattan folks still find themselves having an extended gander at the man with a bag.
www.cartoonstock.com-cartoonview.asp?catref=lhan166Perhaps I should get more specific. I’m not talking about a man with a briefcase, duffel bag, and/or messenger bag. Those are all pretty neutral and people excuse those. I’m talking about the toiletry bag, portfolio, tote bag, and so on. People tense up around a man with those type of bags, they stare oh boy do they stare. I have been victim of this notion far too much. More so by a certain group of people than others. Does the idea of being masculine lose it’s meaning when a man is seen caring a bag? What exactly is the big deal? Can’t we all just move on with our lives? I think in an era where every person tries the use the year as reasoning to why things shouldn’t be i.eit’s 2014 why are people still doing this“. So in this case it’s 2014 why are people still making a big deal out of a man carrying a bag? Especially if the bag was designed for a man? I’ve always been a man of many bags even back in my early stages of life I had several options when it came to backpacks/book bags whichever you prefer to carry around school. I can’t recall if I had a ton back in elementary/middle, but in high school, and college I had an option for every look. Well I had about 12 bags back then and in one way or another it went with what I was wearing. Till this day post-college I still find myself investing in bags more so portfolio bags now then anything. I’ve been on the look out for a good book bag as well some days I just like my hands to be free. With all that being said? Can a man just enjoy his bag?