Beautiful Fül FW 14 Campaign Video


Beautiful Fül is a new luxury, contemporary menswear brand that is based in downtown LA and all of the items are made locally with the highest quality manufacturers. The line has and is continuing to gain popularity among celebrities including Cash Warren (Jessica Alba has also been seen wearing the men’s looks too), Usher, David Arquette, and Jeremy Piven, among others. As I sat and watched this video of the brand Beautiful Fül, I was reminded of how boring my life is. Why am I not out making cool, inspirational videos in a vintage car with amazing apparel? Am I not tall enough for such opportunity? What’s the deal here? Someone contact me, and put me in your next advertising campaign! Okay enough of my rant. Today I am here to speak on this brand that has been presented to me in a way that most don’t, through video. After you take a moment to sit back, relax, and find yourself engulfed in a video that honestly reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite, and I say that as a compliment. Not the scenery or music but the carefree vibe that the video offers reminds me of that carefree, simple life Napoleon Dynamite lived. In actually however, this video was inspired by the life of the designer of Beautiful Fül. He goes by the name Alejandro Rodriguez and he goes by that name, because that’s what his parents named him haha; he said “The campaign video is supposed to be a day in the life of me. On one side there’s the artist working day to day on the brand and trying to have the world see my art. But on those shitty days off there’s the side of me waking up in motels with strange women, wandering the streets trying to find inspiration, and dealing with relationships on a day to day basis. Nothing too serious. Really, though, it’s almost what any guy goes through, especially in cities like LA and NY.” Since we live in a world where a visual means everything, I’ve provided you all with clear still images of everything you saw in the video except this time it isn’t moving, and you can take your time to dissect each look. Click each photo to enlarge the images. Personally in the first collage the second look is my favorite. Second collage the second look is my favorite. The third collage I can’t honestly decide, but if I have to pick one it’d be the first look so hey I guess I did decide huh? Probably my favorite look of the entire collection would be the second look in the fourth collage, that green pinstripe blazer with this denim, and everything is just well-executed. In the last collage the second look is my favorite that bomber jacket definitely took the cake!