A Day In Doc’s. Dr.Marten’s to Be Exact. Day 1

IMG_9162 It went a little something like this! Here I was checking my email, and I received an email from a women who’s named will remain anonymous to all of you, but she works with Dr.Marten stating that “We love your blog and your style and think Dr.Marten’s totally fits your aesthetic.” Can you imagine my excitement when I read this email, I was honestly thrilled, and totally in shock for such a brand to recognize MaleCritique, and be a fan of the site. All my hard work isn’t in vain huh? My love for boots are at an all time high, for different factors of course I’m no SHAQ so I appreciate the extra height, but that’s shallow the real reason I’ve taken a huge liking to boots are the protection, and stability they provide. Being a New Yorker adds a whole lot of wear, and tear to your footwear, and when you have shoes that aren’t necessarily made with care or don’t come with a thick sole you’ll find yourself replacing your shoes very quickly. If You know Dr.Marten how I know Dr.Marten you know them for Boots; heavy-duty boots for those construction workers, and for those who just happen to love Dr.Marten, but only sport the classic 1460 style if you don’t know which one I’m speaking of them I’m speaking on this version to your right Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 11.54.59 PM Ahhh you say! Yes you knew what I was speaking of. Now that you’re refreshed I was thrilled to be able to be the guy to showcase different styles of Dr.Marten’s to all of you who read, and those who follow me on social media. It’s really been a golden opportunity, and I was offered three pair of shoes to showcase to everyone to help you and many others realize that this brand isn’t only one boot, but a brand with a vast array of options from boots to wingtip shoes with crazy color combinations. I want you all to stay tuned with me as I present the other two options to you all. I personally think I picked some awesome options for you all to feast your eyes on, and to broaden you horizon aha on such an Iconic Boot Brand that doesn’t just make boots. See what I did there?Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.09.19 PM Shop http://www.drmartens.com/us/ Today!!!