POLO on Fifth.

IMG_9194 Do we really? Is Ralph Lauren the epitome of a Preppy Lifestyle? For the world? Or just for North America? Tis is a question that I wonder about. With Ralph Lauren being an American brand these questions pop up in my head often. I love Ralph Lauren, sidebar I really miss the RUGBY line “RIP”. Tis was my second venture into the new Polo Ralph Lauren store on fifth avenue. The first time I didn’t stay inside too long it was way to hectic for me, so I decided to take a second trip inside. It was a brisk or as native New Yorker’s say “BRICK” day in the city, and as I were walking down fifth avenue I found myself approaching the Ralph Lauren store. I thought to myself do I really need to go inside? Am I hear to spend money? That’s usually the same thought process with every store I enter nowadays. I entered however found myself eyeing the corduroy pants that were featured on a large wooden table to your right when you finally pass the breezeway in the store. Wait! I must interrupt this for a sidebar; I think Ralph Lauren has the best dressed employees of all time! Seriously the boys and girls are dressed in head to toe Polo Ralph Lauren all looking like private school kids it’s all to die for! Okay revert back to when I spoke of the now deceased RUGBY line a few lines up. IMG_9189Well in short supply it they have created a separate room in front of the store that caters to the customer who misses that esthetic of the brand, and this was told to me by an upper level employee of Ralph Lauren he was definitely management. The Look, the stance, and the fact that I asked him if he worked for Ralph Lauren, and so more details that you don’t need to know. Upon approaching the room to your left you come upon these mannequins that representing what you’re in for when entering. The only problem you may have if you visit this store after you’ve read this; is that the clothes may not be the same . If you know retail you know visual merchandisers change the floor almost everyday. Oddly enough I find myself sitting on the rug in my room admitting to myself that I in fact do not own enough Ralph Lauren. I’ve been meaning to change that for a while, but I always get distracted by something else. I recommended you stop into this store for yourself whether you’re a tourist or like me just didn’t take the time to take a gander, it’s definitely worth it.