VINCE Men’s Pre-Fall 2015 RTW Collection.

IMG_8966Upon my journey to the VINCE showroom as I was walking down Fifth avenue, and expecting to walk over to Bryant Park the invite included a different address from the norm, and to myself I was thinking this most be important if they switched locations just for their preview. IMG_4531 To my surprise once the elevator stopped and the doors had opened. I was finding out that VINCE had upgraded their showroom with a Fifth avenue location. As soon as you step off the elevator you step into a hallway that’s let’s you know this all belongs to the VINCE, and their team. I was so happy for them the new layout was absolutely wonderful. Moving on I was met with the warmest ladies all so pleasant as they always are. If you guys are paying attention you’ll realize that I’m at VINCE for every season they present, and that is a great feeling to build such a great relationship with this brand. VINCE’s pre-fall collection came with some great pieces, and I captured the ones I adored the most. Starting with this grey blazer to your left, oh yes it’s just as nice in person, I think it’s the wash of it that really drew me in.IMG_9226-2 It has this washed look to it that I adore or is that my eyes playing a trick on me? Obviously I can’t stay on one piece too long so next I found myself with these two jackets to your right yes the first one is a jacket, but with this waxed-denim fabric which easily made this item one of the best pieces in the collection or shall I say one of the most unique pieces. I started noticing that leather, and denim preferably in dark colors were the main attraction, but as a generalization the color palette for this collection was quite neutral. IMG_1768There was also this black “parka” like jacket in the corner that I just had to pull out with its double layering that was just too perfect for me not to document. I think I’ve grown accustom to knowing that there will always be an awesome collection of footwear at VINCE’s previews, and this time was no different; again with a neutral palette which keeps everything calm, cool, and collected all while making your decision to dress yourself in the morning all the easier. I wonder has anyone ever realized that the less clothes you have the less of a hassle it is to get dressed, because you’re limited to your choices, but when your closet is overflowing with merchandise it becomes all the more difficult to find something to wear due in large part to having too many options. Wait! Is there such a thing as too many options?IMG_9013