The Jacket’s of Hawke&Co

IMG_8785About a week ago I stepped into the Hawke&co showroom which was vibrantly lit up thanks in part to great lighting and a rainbow full of jackets. Any color a person could possibly want was there in the showroom for your liking. When I first walked into the room I went straight to work, and I came across this gold/tan beauty that you see you to your right! This was easily my favorite item of that morning, I was more so drawn to it because of the quilted pattern it offered rather than the color. Now you know I love quilted Jackets there’s a fun fact. As I started going deeper and deeper into the collections I found myself highly impressed with some of the designs and how some of the jackets were actually doubled which will provide much-needed heat for the coming months of winter. IMG_9206To your left! To your left! Now do you see what I mean about any color jacket you could have possibly want yes, it was real. Winter really is my favorite time of the year it’s when you can seriously layer, and still not get hot. Although it may come with complications like bad weather in the North and/or cause sickness it’s the perfect time of year to bust out any old coats/jackets you have and gives you another reason to purchase more, especially if you’re in an area with long winters. You need options I mean of course you can wear that same black coat everyday, but what fun is that? Perhaps that’s what Hawke&co was thinking as well when the told their colorist that they needed loads of color! On my way out a new pal Cameron demonstrated for a young woman & myself on how to pack the jacket that was gifted to us which can be seen on MaleCritique’s Instagram which is @MaleCritique or just click on a photo to the right of this which our Instagram images and you can find it there. Shop here!